MEDIS successfully supports:

  • General Hospitals with more than 1,000 concurrent users 
  • Psychiatric Clinics
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Geriatric Centers 
  • Maternity Hospitals
  • Group of Medical Centers 

SLA with flexible services are offered. The support schema is based on the specific needs of any different project. The services are offered to any system user addressing different demands. (end user, administrator, IT personnel). The support team incorporates new business functionalities and procedures using the highly customizable environment of the system, minimizing the CR’s that can result product change. At least once a year new system version is released offering new features.

Through the SLA’s we continually keep the system evolving and adapting to the ever-changing medical ecosystem. New electronic health codifications, new or amended protocols, cross border interoperability is met and incorporated in the day by day workflow of the end user. Supporting for us is gaining trust through giving acute solutions  


MEDIS successfully integrates

Integration with external systems or data sources is provided, following accepted protocols and proven methodologies. 

IHE conformance statements provided, HL7 messaging V2.*,  V3.* is used ,  FHIR compatibility is practiced. 

Integration achieved with:


  • LIS / RIS systems 
  • Nationwide referral systems
  • Nationwide patient registries
  • External ERP systems
  • BI platforms
  • Banking and financial control systems


MEDIS active member in research projects

MEDIS in collaboration with University Hospitals, Technical Universities and Research Institutions actively participates in research projects. 


  • CDSS
  • BI and data analytics in medical IT
  • Integration in new technologies 
  • IT and health prediction and prevention 
  • Personal health Awareness