Latest JAVA Web Platform compatible, MVC architecture,  database independent, cloud enabled (AWS , GOOGLE, ORACLE CLOUD)

Docker technology integrated with k8s for seamless deployment and infrastructure leverage. Instant staging, zero down time



·         Database independency

·         Cost free containers

·         Cross OS implementation

·         Low resources on premise deployment

·         Cloud enabled

·         High availability

·         High security

·         Efficient on high concurrency

·         Interoperability

·         Accountability

·         Customizable

·         Multilingual environment    


Patient Centered System

MedISys follows a patient centered architecture by targeting functions and organizing information around the patient and her/his health episodes. Health care personnel may easily query the medical history of a patient in order to gather all medical and administrative information necessary for diagnosis and medical practice according to the security rules of the facility.



Enabling a Better Health Care Provision

Control of all materials and inventory management in all the departments of the health care facility (warehouses, wards, surgery, etc.)

Manage the cost centers of the health care facility and control the operating cost

Immediate and automatic issuance of patient’s and insurance provider’s bills

Upgrade of all major manual documents with the equivalent digital documents produced by the information system

Better use of human resources by targeting human activities to quality and not quantity

Maximization of benefits derived from controlling all the stages of materials management (available stock, replenish policy, patients’ orders, contracts with suppliers)

Full control on the cost of materials by using price lists and contracts

Full control on the cash-flow of the organization

Full automation of the general ledger and the cost accounting system avoiding all manual processes





Seamless data collection with fully customizable procedures

Protocols for high level interoperability 

Multiple parallel codifications to maximize data usage

European, WHO, directives followed 

Multiple Security Schema on every actor affecting medical data

Accountability through complete logging 

Clinical Decision Support System capabilities 

Medical dashboards for every practitioner’s specialty

Aggregation and discrititation of data through Health MIS capabilities

Complete customizable Reporting and Charting   




Holistic resource management (personnel, equipment, facilities )

Programmable therapies 

Easy front desk registration 

CRM integration 

Master schedule automatically delegated to sub systems (LIS, RIS)

Friendly UI for rescheduling 

Operation Theater Schedule 


Mass changes and “save as” feature for repetitive procedures





Wizard query builder

HTML page design

Endless reporting capabilities 

One click integration of reports into workflow

Automated and scheduled reporting

Recurrent reports  

MIS reporting restricted with authorization and delivered to specific recipients  by mail, network access or through systems navigation.

Security and logging on report extraction

Extract reports to any popular format